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3rd & 4th Grade In-house Leagues

Contact: Todd Retzlaff

The Edina 3rd & 4th Grade Leagues are offered to all

3rd & 4th grade Boys and

3rd Grade Girls

who live in and/or attend school in Edina. 


Please note: girls in 4th grade participate in the West Metro league.

 Click HERE for complete information about the 4th grade girls West Metro rec. league

2018-2019 Rules for 3rd/4th Grade League

Program Focus
The focus of the 3rd & 4th Grade League is to provide a fun and positive sports experience for boys in grades 3 & 4 and girls in grade 3. This League aims to develop the player's skills, experience and knowledge of basketball. Fundamentals and basics are the cornerstone of this league with an emphasis on Fun, Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Skills and Equal Playing Time.

Registration opens August 31st and runs through October 12th. After that date, late registrations may be accepted, however a $25 late fee will be charged. Any late registrations will go onto a waitlist. There is no guarantee of team placement if your child is on a waitlist.

Fees: $185

Please note: once teams are formed the EBA will not issue a refund unless the player moves out of the district or we are given a doctor's note.

Please note: based on our registration numbers teams for our in-house program will be formed as follows: 3rd Grade Boys, 4th Grade Boys and 3rd Grade Girls.  Typically, there are 8-10 players on a team.

In forming the team, the EBA will honor one (1) mutual play-with request per player at the 3rd grade level.  Play-with requests will NOT be honored at the 4th grade level. 

When/Where Do the Kids Practice/Play
The 3rd & 4th Grade season begins in November and runs through the beginning of March. Generally, players will be scheduled for 2 events each week. Events are categorized as practices and games.

Practices and games take place at Edina elementary schools (Highlands, Cornelia, Concord, Countryside and Creek Valley) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Practices and games can go as late as 9:00pm.

Boys 4th grade play/practice Mondays and Thursdays
Boys 3rd grade play/practice Mondays and Tuesdays
Girls 3rd grade play/practice Tuesdays & Thursdays


Please note, in some cases when Monday fall on a Federal holiday, teams may have to be moved into another gym location on a different night of that week. Please follow your schedule carefully.

A complete schedule of games, practices, clinics, etc. will be posted on each team's page. To access your team's page, click on the TEAMS tab at the top of the page and use the drop downs to access your team's page.

Basket Height

Baskets are set at 9.5 feet for 3rd graders and 10 feet for 4th graders.  The 3rd Grade will use a 27.5 inch ball & 4th Grade league will use 28.5 inch basketballs


Games are officiated by paid referees.

Each player will receive a jersey.  Each player is responsible for wearing gym/basketball shoes, bringing their own water bottle and basketball to practice and games. 


HERE to view the rules for the 3rd & 4th Grade League.

The 3rd & 4th Grade League coaches are parent volunteers. Please consider volunteering your talents and time as a head or assistant coach.


All coaches are required go through a background check and complete an online video regarding concussion management.


Coaches will attend our season kick-off event in November where they will receive their team's uniforms, schedule and roster. Coaches will also receive a Coaches handbook and a couple of practice plans that will focus on teaching basketball skills to all players of all skill levels.


Click HERE to register as a coach

Varsity Game Events

The EBA will work with the high school coaches to try to schedule all 3rd & 4th Grade in-house teams with an opportunity to play a 5-7 minute game during the halftime of a boys or girls varsity game. The 4th grade boys will receive this opportunity, and depending upon availability, the 3rd grade teams may as well.


The boys teams will play at the boys varsity games and the girls teams will play at the girls varsity games.

The EBA will coordinate a photo day one day during the season.


 Parent Responsibility
While your child is practicing/playing, you, the parent, are responsible for the actions of your other children. We ask that you keep them in the gym with you. They are not allowed to roam freely through the elementary schools.