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Welcome to the Edina Basketball Association Home Page!

The Edina Basketball Association provides programs for boys and girls in grades K-12 

who live and/or go to school in Edina. 

Registration for the 2014-2015 season is now open

Click HERE to register.

Final List of Boys Travel Players for 2014-2015 Season
posted 09/14/2014

Click HERE to access the final list of boys travel team players for the 2014-2015 season.

Teams will be formed next Sunday, September 21st. Please check the EBA's home page for your team formation tryout time.

If your name is not on this list, you will be automatically transferred to the house league and your travel fees will be refunded. If you decide to not play in our house league, please email Patty Dronen at pdronen@hotmail.com to confirm.

Any questions regarding tryouts should be directed to .


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EBA Apparel for 2014-2015
posted 09/13/2014

Click HERE to check out the EBA apparel for the 2014-2015 season. We will have sizing/buying events at the Edina Community Center on Sunday, September 21 and 28 and Saturday, September 27.

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MEA Clinics with the Timberwolves
posted 09/09/2014

Click HERE to get information on MEA weekend clinics for 3rd-8th grade players, conducted by the Timberwolves organization. This is a great opportunity to work on your skills over the long weekend.

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EBA Night with the Timberwolves
posted 08/25/2014


Mark you calendars - this season's EBA Night with the Timberwolves takes place on Saturday, November 1st as the Timberwolves take on Chicago. Be one of the first to see the T'Wolves new players (courtesy of the Kevin Love trade). The EBA night with the Timberwolves is a fundraiser for our organization, and a great time to watch some great basketball. We'll have complete details (and ticket ordering information soon).

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posted 08/11/2014

Important Dates for 2014-2015

Date Event Location
August 1 Registration Opens for all programs  
September 21

Boys Travel team formation (tryouts begin at 9:00am)
Final tryout schedule (times may change slightly):
9:00am-10:15am - 4th grade boys
10:30-11:45am - 5th grade boys
12:00-1:15pm - 6th grade boys
1:30-2:45pm - 7th grade boys
3:00-4:15pm - 8th grade boys

Please note: after this tryout, teams will be posted on the EBA's home page

ECC Gyms
September 22nd & 25th

Girls Travel Pre-tryout clinics with Matt Nilsen

Click HERE for the registration form

Sept. 22 Southview Main gym

Sept. 25 - ECC Large gym

September 22

Girls travel parent meeting (especially helpful for 4th Grade parents)

SV Auditorium
September 25 Registration ends for girls travel participants. The registration system will close at 10:56pm CDT on September 25. No additional registrations will be taken after that time.  
September 27, 28

Girls Travel tryouts

Saturday Tryout schedule (times may change slightly):
8:00-9:30am - 4th grade girls
9:45-11:30am - 5th grade girls/7th grade girls
12:00-1:45pm - 6th grade girls/8th grade girls

Sunday Tryout schedule (times may change slightly):
8:00-9:30am - 4th grade girls
9:45-11:30am - 5th grade girls/7th grade girls
12:00-1:45pm - 6th grade girls/8th grade girls

Please note: after Sunday's tryout, teams will be posted on the EBA's website and some players may be moved to the house league

ECC Gyms
October 1 Girls Coaching Clinic EHS Main
October 6 Girls Travel practices begin  
October 15 Registration for K-8th grade house and rec programs ends  
October 25 3rd-8th grade house league evaluations ECC Gyms
October 27

House Equidraft - Edina Community Center

Boys Travel Practices Begin

November 5

Jump Ball - Kindergarten - 8th Grade Parent Meetings/Coach Clinics

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Parent Meeting 6:00-7:00pm SV Auditorium

Coach Clinic 6:30-7:30pm SV Main Gym (coaches will receive team materials)


3rd-4th Grade

Parent Meeting 7:00pm-8:00pm SV Auditorium

Coach Clinic 7:30-8:30pm SV Main Gym (coaches will receive team materials)


5th-8th Grade

Parent Meeting 8:00-9:00pm SV Auditorium

Coach Clinic 8:30-9:30pm SV Main Gym (coaches will receive team materials)




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